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Evaluating Russian womens videos
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Evaluating Russian womens videos
Including videos as means of communication with Russian women is becoming a much more widely spread alternative to static pictures and regular letters. Videos are a great way to gain an insight to what your Russian lady is really like and whether she is someone for you. This article lists a few tips on what to watch for in videos and how to evaluate them.

While some people might consider it superficial, physical attraction is, no doubt, important if you plan to marry someone or form a long-term relationship with. Seeing your lady on video is a great way to see if she is as attractive in life as in her pictures and whether she suits your taste.

Body language
What is even more important to notice is your Russian ladys body language or mannerisms. Does she have a confident posture? Is her head looking down shyly? Does she feel nervous? Is she expressive? Does she have a sad look in her eyes? All these things can reveal to you the information about a womans inner state: whether she is relaxed, depressed, easy-going, etc.
Examining your brides body language is very important as it can give us the type of information about a person that photos or simple appearance will not.

Spoken language
Listening is just as important in your video communication as looking. Asking the right questions and listening carefully to what your Russian lady is saying can explain many things to you and help you decide whether the two of you are compatible. Talking live on video is a great way for you to find out all those things that can be sometimes difficult to express in emails: what are her dreams, what is her family like, what kind of life is she looking for, etc. Answers to these questions can really give you a valuable insight about what she is like as a person and if it is someone you can see yourself living with for the rest of your life.
It is also a great way to talk about some sensitive matters for example questions relating your relationship, visit, etc. Hearing her voice and seeing the expression of her eyes when talking about serious matters can give you a clue as to what she really thinks: if she is speaking with confidence, it is a great sign; if she is avoiding the subject or sounding unsure, you might have to pay a bit more attention to proceed with developing the relationship, etc.

One of the greatest benefits videos offer is being able to see a persons true personality. Is your Russian lady serious? Is she cheerful and outgoing? Is she focused on business, etc? For example, if you are looking for an educated, intellectual woman, and all your lady can talk about is soaps she watches, chances are you will not find in her a partner you are looking for, etc. Videos allow you to make these judgments, so both of you can save time if you are not right for each other.

Since most connections in online dating are established over much distance, we suggest video communication with your lady as a wonderful alternative to get to know the real person your Russian woman is. We dare say it is the next best thing to being able to date in person and can be a great tool in finding the right woman for you!

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