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Planning a trip to RUSSIA
Meet marriage minded Russian women living in USA

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Romantic tour to Russia and Dominican Repiblic - meet a Russian or Ukrainian woman of your dreams!
When thinking about going to Russia to meet a woman of your dreams, there are a lot of preparation has to be done that you might not be aware of now.
Even for a frequent traveler to Russia, who been there several times, there is still a lot of room of unknown that might get you in trouble.
And if you never had been to Russia or Former Soviet Union before, then you definitely need a professional assistance to set up your trip properly to ensure it goes smooth and productive, because let's admit when spending so much money on the trip - YOU DO WANT TO GET RESULTS and not just results but positive results. You do want to meet that special lady on your trip who would become your future wife, so there are no mistakes are allowed.
That's why you have to choose the best agent or agency you can work with who can help you to set up this trip, you need to ensure that you get a proper assistance and will have someone local always available to you can ask for help in case things go not the way you planned.
Here is how International agencies on the Internet help you set up your trip; there are only few ways they operate so you need to choose which approach fits your needs the best.
We at GirlsAcrossRussia have done it all, we had hosted all the possible tours set ups, so we know what works and what doesn't and which approach worked the best.

1. THE BEST TOUR SET UP EVER! THE WAY WE DO IT: FUN, PERSONAL, INDIVIDUAL; and as ECONOMICAL or as LUXURY as you want it - all in one package.

As I said earlier we had done all these tours and individual travelers - experience, and in any of these set ups there are still some disadvantages. So, what we had created is something that would please any traveler, no matter what your needs are - we will make sure you get what you are looking for.

Have a Personal TRAVEL EXPERT (Travel agent) working on your travel itinerary. As we have contacts everywhere in Russia and Former USSR this enables us to make any arrangements you might need. You get a personal travel arranger person (travel assistant), who determines what you are looking for in terms of travel, destinations, the best way to get there, the best accommodation prices and no matter what this is - this travel expect will set up an INDIVIDUAL package for you. This travel expert with quote ORIGINAL PRICE - WIHTOUT MARK UP!
Our fee $120 / hour. Usually takes 2 - 3 hours to set up the simplest travel arrangements. Contact us to ORDER.

Have a local overseas representative (agent) represent you to the ladies.

We will reffer you a one of our trusted agents working in the city you wish to travel to. That person is someone you can totally trust; your representative will be your interpreter and matchmaker as well. This person will determine your needs and your requirements on the ladies you wish to meet. A Local representative will be available to you at any arranged time to provide support you need, you can arrange with this person either hourly or daily fees for translation and matchmaking services, and the guidance services as well. These arrangements are strictly between you and this representative, so you will get a deal of whatever you negotiate. It is always better to have someone to represent you to the ladies - your ladies will definitely take you more serious, plus a lot of things your lady says in Russian you will not catch, so your representative will warn you of any "red flags" to ensure you don't get scammed or taken for a ride.

Our fee - $300 for reffering you a trusted representative. If we don't have one available in the city of your travel, we will find that person through our contacts. Contact us to ORDER
Usually representatives (interpreter, matchmaker, and guide) charges $50 - $100 a day depending on a location. The hourly rates vary between $8 and $15.

Have your own personal MATCHMAKER working just for you to ensure you found a woman of your dreams no matter where she is!

We have professionally trained matchmakers working in our team. Most of these matchmakersmatchmakers had got their education or lived in States or Europe for several years. Having knowledge of different cultures they can most sufficiently warn you and your lady of any possible mistakes making and misunderstanding occurring during your communication. Our matchmakers speak fluent English and Russian languages, which enables them of barrier free communication with both you and your matched ladies.
How it works: Your personal matchmaker determines what type of lady you are looking, she will get to know you the best way possible for better representation to the women. Your personal matchmaker gives you a list of women she feels fit you the best, as well as getting additional information of additional women you might be interested in. She prepares a full report of women's personality and matchmaker's personal opinion of each woman offered to you, then can choose the ones you are most interested in. You can always make your matchmaker to check for some specific things you want to know about the lady, your matchmaker gets all this information for you. Your matchmaker determines the best way for you to approach the women, as every situation is unique there are some specifics might be in your case. Your matchmaker is will be with you throughout the whole introduction process, correspondence analyses, conference calling analyses, meetings arrangements, etc. Your matchmaker will be with you 24/7 if required! So, it is like having your closest friend to represent you and get you the results you are looking to ensure you found that special woman of your dreams!

Matchmaking labor pricing - $85 / hour.
We are online 24/7 for whatever assistance you might require. Contact us to ORDER

2. Exciting Dominican Republic - fly to Dominican Republic and we will get the best out of the best Russian women from Russia there for you to meet! Why "The Bachelor" should have all the fun?

An Incredible and Fun approach to the first date! Do you want it to be special and memorable? Well, here it is - you choose the lady, we bring her to you to meet you in Exciting and romantic Dominican Republic. It is only 3 hour flight for you from the States to get there. Trust me THIS will be the best date you EVER had in your life! This meeting will go the smoothest you ever had, your woman will be totally flattered and so excited of meeting you on this trip, she will be ready to become you're your wife almost right after you suggest this trip to her. I don't take these words out of nowhere - it is all based on my 12 years of experience in matchmaking business.
A GROUP TOUR to Dominican Republic - meet 10-15 the most gorgeous women traveled so far to meet you! These women who were invited to join the group had been chosen out of thousands of applicants. These women you will see are the most educated, the smartest, the most gorgeous women with high class and manners. The women arriving to meet you will have basic of fluent English knowledge. These women know what they want, they are true "Ladies" that everyone would confuse for royalty so much class and manners they have. But don't think that these women arrogant - absolutely not! Additionally to all these qualities these creations are the most understand, considerate, gentle and faithful and sexy you ever meet. So, we did all the work for you - we had chosen the "diamonds" for you, so now it is up to you if you would like to pick the shiniest diamond and become her "platinum setting" to complete the set.

3. Group Romantic tours - the FUN tours.

There are several Monsters International dating companies who do the group tours to Russia. Only huge and stable agencies can set up this approach. The way it works; you are paying for the whole tour package, usually the prices are $4000 + for 9 + days. They usually have so called socials set up for gentlemen arriving to Russia. Socials are hold in the big night clubs. They usually have 3 socials per tour and invite hundreds of ladies to attend. Usually the ratio men to women 20 - 30 men to 600 - 1000 women per day. Or you can just arrive there yourself and attend their socials, they usually charge $500 - $700 for socials attendee.
It takes a right person to enjoy this type of set up. If you are an outgoing, extremely sociable, not easy to get confused and don't require too much of personal attention, if you can take of things yourself and don't need any advice or help from local person, or if just want to have fund to meet a huge number of women - then this tour set up is for you.
Advantages: A lot of ladies to choose from.
You meet many men from your own country, usually participants on the tour doing things together, so it is a lot of fun.
Cost effective numbers of women met vs. the money spent.
Russian girls love to dance and you can witness it just watching them move on the dance floor, you will be pleasantly surprised how beautiful and sexy they move.
Truly a lot of fun if that's what you are for!
Disadvantages: Very difficult to make a decision on the ladies, just too many of them and very confusing even to keep a score who had you met already and talked to and who you didn't.
There is not much of personal assistance you are receiving, sure tour hosts will set up additional meetings for you, but they can't possibly know any ladies attending the socials personally.
Hard to make a selection of which ladies are serious and which are there just for taking advantage of the men. You have to be very careful and pay attention to every little thing.
Too loud in the night clubs where socials are held, almost impossible to talk to the women.
The companies we recommend to take this tour with:

4. Individual romantic tour packages - the tours for people wanting RESULTS.

I like these set ups much better then group tours because you get much more of the personal attention from tour host then in the group tour. Usually in these types of tours the host is setting up mini social - inviting 10-15 ladies to the restaurant so you have a chance to meet several women in one time on your first of second day in their country. The local host office employees are following every your request and trying to meet all your needs. It is much more personal and you know that you are getting a lot of attention paid to your particular case. The prices wise these tours are run $2000 + for 7 + days staying overseas. This set up best fit to men who require a personal attention and a lot of it. It fit men who are a little on the shy side and would prefer locals doing most of the work for them to make relationships grow faster with the ladies.
Advantages: You will give and get a personal attention to / from every girl you meet.
Much more time spent in a quit atmosphere with each lady to get to know someone better.
You can't possibly meet thousands of women face to face as you spend several hours with each lady. Usually you meet no more then 30 ladies in this tour.
It is more personal and usually give much better results then a group tour.
Disadvantages: You will be there the only man, no other participants are presented.
Not as much fun as a group tour.
These are actually only disadvantages I see in this tour set up, most of it are just the advantages.
The companies we recommended to take this tour with:
5. Do it yourself - ECONOMICAL approach that still can give results.You can always set up your own trip yourself without using anybody's help. This is not very advisable through but some men did that successfully. You have to be aware of the country's entrance regulations and have to check if you are required to have an entrance visa to enter the country. If you arrive into the country of destination without the visa where visa is required then you will be deported from it without even entering the city. We had several cases like this in our experience where men were not aware of the entrance conditions, so they were deported from the country. Of course in this case it is a huge waste of money, as nobody will refund you anything you paid for Airline tickets, accommodations, etc. Some other men were able to set everything up themselves. This approach is good for extremely adventurous and risk taking men, someone who doesn't need anybody to be involved in his possible relationships and of course the ones who are trying to save money. Usual expenses $1600 + on 7 + days staying in the country.
Advantages: Might turn to be cheaper then taking a tour from the agency. But it only might, not always works this way.
It is definitely exciting as you don't know what to expect out of circumstances and if you like adventure then you will get plenty of it.
Great way to learn Russian language as you will be forced to communicate in Russian.
Great way to explore things on your own.

Disadvantages: Very risky as you don't know traditions and the country.
There is nobody to assist you if any problems come up.

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